Director's Message

Director's Message

India went through a transformation in 1991 with the Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation. The economic policy that opened India to the world and since then foreign direct investment led to the infrastructure development and economic growth of the country. The second transformation happened with the advent of I.T. and the internet, which unified the world and made it a global village. From international business to study overseas, people are benefitting and building a better life.

I closely witnessed the impact of the transformation on the Indian citizens. In those days, when I was in college, I used to wonder how it impacted the normal and middle class people of our country? The skilled and unskilled workers for them survival is the only way of living and for that they are slogging day and night. It was those days when the seeds of serving the underprivileged sections were sown in my heart. As the time went by, I was looking for ways to help them.

I decided to help the talented, hard working and ambitious individuals. Plutus aims to serve the people who want to build a stable career abroad. Be it a student planning to study abroad or a professional looking for an overseas job or a skilled worker who aspires to go abroad on a Skilled Worker Visa, we will guide you. With globalisation, now countries are open to exchanging resources. They are welcoming people from foreign countries to study, work and settle in their country. Immigration has helped millions of students, professionals and skilled workers to make a decent living in Gulf countries, European countries and other developed countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom.

So my message to the young dynamic and hardworking youth of India is,

“Not lose hope when the going gets tough, fear not when times are uncertain; get up and be determined. Your Dreams are now Our Responsibility and together we will make your present and future bright and secure.”

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