Poland is amongst the top 25 most developed countries in the world and amongst the top 8 safe countries for female workers. It’s a country known for its strong ethics, castles, lifestyle, and work-life balance. Live and work in a country with a low crime rate, ample work opportunities, and low cost of living. Be it, professionals, or unskilled workers, they are provided the best amenities, and work-life balance is strongly observed in Poland. 



It’s a landlocked country known for its castles, caves, and chateaux in Central Europe. It is providing numerous work opportunities to domestic and foreigners who can be the asset to the country. Slovaks are hard-working professionals with an incredible business acumen looking for an aggressive workforce. It allows the skilled and unskilled workforce to live and create a secure future in Slovakia. 


Hungary: The landlocked country surrounded by Ukraine, Slovakia, Croatia, and Romania, it has opened itself to the world. The expats will find a high employment rate in the electronic sector, mining, unskilled labour, technology, and telecommunications. Following a traditional work culture, Hungary has ample work opportunities for the young, skilled, and experienced. They provide jobs with a decent salary, job security, and growth options, so all you need is an employment contract to settle in Hungary. 



The oldest civilization of the world, Greece is known for its culture, food, and tourism. It’s a fact that the tourists visiting the country double than the population, which brings us to their continuous requirement of the skilled and unskilled workforce. The country is known for its ethical work environment, just salaries, and easy settlement. Live and rejoice in Greece while working there as an expat. 


The conservative country, Portugal, is known for manufacturing, alternative energy, and technological advancements. The relaxed and professional working environment of the country is the major attraction for foreigners applying for jobs here. The economy is stable and provides quality work while balancing personal and professional life. However, the salary package is less in comparison to other European countries. 



Italy is a developed country with a robust economy in Europe. Known for manufacturing, fashion industry, tourism, automobile, food, and agriculture, they have diversified job options for domestic and foreign workers. Expats are attracted to working in Italy, as it offers stability, security, and career enhancement with good salary packages. 


Manufacturing, agriculture, energy, retail, and finance are some of the sectors where Romania’s recruits generously. The insular companies of Romania prefer their citizens; however, the government is promoting expats and foreign investors. If you want to work in Romania, then now is the right time as there are numerous opportunities providing a decent salary and lifestyle.  



Driven by Tourism, Finance, I.T., manufacturing, and automobile sector, Czech country is known for providing job opportunities to a hard-working and skilled workforce. The country’s labor force is educated and experienced, so they train the expats offered a job in their company to ensure better deliverability and work ethics. The standard of living in the country is good, and expats can expect a secure present and future in the country.