For Student Visa

1. Career Counselling:

 Career Counselling: Education is the foundation of transformation. If you’re walking in the right direction, you will effortlessly reach the destination. But, if you are confused and don’t know what to do, then your life can become mayhem, that’s why the first step is career counselling. Our experienced career counsellors will help you understand where your interest lies and which course suits your acumen.

2. Course Selection:

Once you get a clarity of your interests and passion, then you need to figure out in which institute you should apply and in which course. Are you interested in a Diploma or a degree, you want to study at a college or a university. With a gamut of options, we don’t want you to be confused, and that’s why we will assist you in selecting the perfect course depending on your educational background. 

3. Documentation:

Be it applying for an offer letter or for a visa, you need to provide sufficient documents as proof. From educational documents to identity card to financial proof, your documents need to be sorted and compiled to be presented in the embassy along with appropriate forms. Our team will take care of the documentation part, and you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

4. Visa Processing:

Visa filing and processing is a crucial step. We have to cover every corner to ensure that your file is clean, in-order and positive in the eyes of a visa officer. We will assign you a professional filing officer who will make your file, make SOPs and get the formalities done. Your file will be an official document properly compiled and attested so that there are no loopholes to point.

5. Overseas Accommodation

Settling in a foreign land amongst strangers is not easy, that’s why we go an extra mile to help our students get decent and budgeted accommodation. Settling abroad can also take a toll on the emotions of the person; that’s why our counsellors will always stay connected to the students and help them settle down. 

For Skilled Worker Visa

1. Career Counselling:

We have often observed that people have no idea what to do or which job to take; all they know is they want to earn money for survival. We aim to provide career counselling to people who wish to apply for a skilled worker visa and give them a sense of direction. Anybody can work, but when you know your skills and expertise, work becomes easy and exciting. So when you visit, you will understand what drives you and gives you a sense of satisfaction, not just money. 

2. Evaluation and Profiling:

A crucial step before shortlisting job positions. Our career counsellors will evaluate your education background and previous work experience to create a strong profile. Remember, if you have a strong resume, your chances of getting a decent job abroad will double. So, our counsellors will work on your profile and create a professional portfolio. 

3. Providing Overseas Job Opportunities:

We are worldwide recruiting agents, all you have to do is select a country, and we have an opening for you. From Gulf countries to European countries, we have covered all the seven continents to get you a satisfying and secure job as a skilled worker. 

4. Documentation and Processing:

Selected the country and job? Now is the time to get your file ready and file for a skilled worker visa. Our team will do the documentation and ensure that everything is filed correctly. Once the file is prepared and gone for processing, you just need to sit back and relax. 

5. Post-visa Approval Services:

We will be there for you at every step of your journey to a new life in a new country. Once your visa has arrived, we will assist you in accommodation and settlement services, thus helping you to settle in a foreign land comfortably. We will also guide you on do’s and don’ts and make you job-ready. 

6. Lifetime Assistance:

Our services won’t end here. We are starting with a customer’s support group where you will get lifetime assistance from us. Whatever problem you are facing, we are here to provide solutions. So, you don’t have to feel alone when in doubt or difficult situations, we are to back you in your thick and thins. 

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