Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. I hereby confirm that I have filled in all the details in the registration form; correct and absolute to the best of my understanding.
2. I assure you that I have never applied on my own directly or through any agency to any Universities or Colleges, apart from the above-given details. Also, all the credentials, that I have submitted in support of my application are real and authentic.
3. I validate here that I am being counseled by Plutus Immigration, on all aspects of my international education and on my future career prospects. Also Plutus Immigration are authorized to represent my candidature on all issues in concern with my admission and interest with the international institutes from my side.
4. I give my consent on Plutus Immigration sharing any information related to my international education to any educational institution abroad. I permit Plutus Immigration to share regular updates on my mobile or landline through SMS, E-mail, or Phone Call.
5. I understand that programs and courses that I will be applying to in foreign universities are based on and are administered by the terms and conditions and qualifying standards fixed by the respective institutes. The service offered at Plutus Immigration is restricted only to helping students in securing admissions in the institutes.
6. I validate that the programs and courses for my studies are seen and understood by me and Plutus Immigration will not be held liable for its content.
7. I agree that Plutus Immigration does not promise admission in any institute and is not liable in case of rejection or refusal for any reason. Plutus Immigration shall not be held accountable or answerable in such circumstances and no claim of any sort at all will be considered.



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