Known as the city of gold, Dubai is an emirate city world-renowned for its culture, heritage, opulence, and Burj Khalifa. The capital city is the epicenter of trade in the Gulf countries and architectural wonder providing quality of life, career, and luxury. Anyone can live and work in Dubai if they have a passport and a valid employment contract. We will assist you in choosing the right job that will enable your career, provide a secure present and future, and help you get a work visa. 



The third largest emirate, Sharjah, is popular amongst expatriates as the standard of living here is budgeted. The tourist city is buzzing with travelers and explorers around the globe, absorbing the beauty, vibe, and culture of the place. From mosques to museums to theme parks and shopping malls, you can explore infinite places here, and needless to say, the work opportunities are increasing every year. A perfect place to work and stay keeping the budget in check, you can build a quality life here and feel safe away from home. 

Abu Dhabi:

The enchanted emirate, Abu Dhabi, is known for captivating landmarks like the leaning tower, the myriad of beach-front hotels, and the world’s renowned Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It’s a blend of traditional values and modern trends, ensuring splendid time to the tourists. It has a flourishing economy, and the work environment is safe and ethical, regulated by the UAE Labour law. According to the latest reports, there will be more than 2,70,000 job opportunities for skilled and unskilled labour. 

saudi arabia

Saudi Arabia:

Popularly known as the birthplace of Islam and the largest oil producers, Saudi Arabia, is also known for its work opportunities. Ever since the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman came into power in 2017, Saudi Arabia has undergone significant changes as he envisions it as a diversifying economy. It has increased employment opportunities, providing a decent standard of living, workers’ safety, and growth opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labour.


Known for the largest petroleum and natural gas reserves, Qatar is an independent emirate with luxurious living conditions. It’s a country that employs a generous amount of foreign workforce from labourors to executives to seniors. Living and working in Qatar is comfortable as they offer a decent salary package; the crime rate is negligible and ensures a secure and dignified living. 



The archipelago country, Bahrain, is not just an oil-dominated country but also known for finance and banking industries. Most of the expats or foreigners come to Bahrain for job and growth opportunities as the professional life and salary package complement each other. Many expats mention that they are earning more and living a better quality of life here than back home. That’s why it has become popular amongst skilled and unskilled workers. 


Nestled between Saudi Arabia in the South, the Persian Gulf in East, and Iraq in North and West, Kuwait is a small country with many employment opportunities. The country of oil and processing, it welcomes overseas talent and provides a high standard of living to the expats. A country with a low crime rate but a hot climate, you can opt for a skilled worker visa and earn a decent salary along with salary allowance, medical allowance, and an annual ticket for a home visit. 

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