Visa We Deal In

Skilled Worker Visa

Skilled Worker Visa is for people who want to migrate overseas and work as a skilled or unskilled worker based on their past work experience or educational background. It’s a perfect pathway for those individuals who want to work abroad and build a stable career. The candidates will be tested based on their education, age, work experience and medical history. Currently, we are dealing with the Gulf countries like the United States of Emirates and European countries like Spain, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Czech countries, etc. We will help you find the jobs of your dream:

Student Visa

The consulates issue student visa to the students whose main aim of visiting the foreign country is to enhance their knowledge and get a degree or diploma. The visa officers take into consideration factors like your educational background, the purpose of visit, a stream of education, institute you have applied and many other things. Here, it’s important to note that the student should clear the eligibility requirements to get admission and approval from the embassy. 

Tourist Visa

We also help in applying for tourist visas for multiple countries. Be it a single person or a family; you can apply for a tourist visa if the purpose of the visit is tourism, sightseeing or meeting the relatives settled in the country. However, while going on a tourist visa, the candidate cannot work or study in the country. 

Business Immigration Visa

Planning to expand your business beyond the boundaries of your country? A Business Immigration Visa can help you start your business in developed Gulf and European countries. All you need is to have legal proof of your business in the domestic country, a business plan and investment. We will assist you in the documentation and help you get approval. 

Permanent Residency

Settling abroad is everybody’s dream be it a student or a professional or an unskilled/skilled worker. We provide guidance and assistance to people who want to apply for permanent residency in European and Gulf countries. Our team is updated and trained with the recent updates and assure streamline processing.

Work Visa

Get work permit/visas in countries of your choice. European and Gulf countries have ample work opportunities and they are actively looking for skilled workforce even from foriegn countries. If you intend to apply for a work permit and build a successful career in a foreign country; let’s discuss and get you the visa.